Wash & Hang Dry

The Wash & Hang Dry service is a great choice for all of your clothing, but essential for items that should avoid the heat of a dryer like undergarments, activewear, swimwear, and other delicate pieces. Technical fabrics (like your favorite yoga leggings), nylon spandex (think that cute summer swimsuit), lace and many natural fiber knits can lose their shape when placed in the dryer. Your delicates can snag, get twisted up, or stretch out when tumbling in the dryer drum (don’t worry - we use mesh bags to protect them while in the washing machine!). Not only is skipping the dryer gentler on your clothing, it’s gentler on the earth too! You save energy and reduce your carbon footprint when you choose air drying over the dryer - a win-win for you and mother nature.

LaundryKrista Patrick